Welcome to the LDS Scouter Blog. We hope to provide you with valuable information, share useful resources and maybe even improve some attitudes and Ward Scouting programs. The recommended way to use this blog is to start with the post, "Why I started this blog." Then browse through the post titles in the archive (found in the sidebar) for topics of interest.


Evenspor (Arwen) - The best training program in the world is to follow the Lord wherever He leads. When we trust in Him, we can discover talents we never would have expected and become something better than we ever thought. A calling as an assistant den leader when I was a young single adult was the beginning of a road that led to my enjoying positions as pack trainer, den leader, unit commissioner, member of the district training team, and currently as district commissioner. Along the way, I have learned to appreciate the Scouting program as another gift from the Lord, a training program that changes the lives of boys and adults both, when it is allowed to work. My hope with this blog is to share the things I have learned along the way from observing great program and not so great programs and offer inspiration to my fellow Scouters.

Firebirdluver (Shane) - I started Scouting at the age of eight, in Bishop, California. My travels since then have had me in various positions in at least seven different councils. Along the way I earned my Eagle Scout and have served as Assistant Scout Master, Cubmaster, District Cub Scout Day Camp Director, Pack Advancement Chair, Pack Committee Chair, Troop Training Coordinator, and currently Scoutmaster. I have seen excellent programs with great traditions and I have seen some programs that were not run quite so well. I will admit that there are some things about the way the program is run in the Church that I do not fully agree with, but if the leadership is supportive and trained, I think the minor differences I have do not matter much. I have attended Wood Badge and National Camping School.

Contact - If you have any questions, comments or feedback, feel free to leave a comment on any post or send an e-mail to evenspor (at) gmail (dot) com