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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trails to Testimony

In an earlier post, I mentioned the talk Trails to Testimony: Bringing Young Men to Christ Through Scouting by Bradley D. Harris. What is it, and who is Bradley Harris?

Trails to Testimony is both a book and an audio CD. The CD is a fireside talk based on the book.

Bradley D. Harris is an associate professor at BYU. His specialty is Scouting Education. He recruits students for the major, teaches them about being professional Scouters, and helps place graduates into professional Scouting positions. His experience in the Scouting program is extensive, including teaching at National Camping School and being a member of the faculty of the Philmont Training Ranch for five years. (source)

His wide experience, both in Scouting callings and as a professional Scouter, has given him insights into how the program should be run and how it fits into the Church. He has become a well-known speaker both for Church gatherings and Scouting functions not associated with the Church. He recently spoke at our local Jamboree here in Nevada. He gave two talks, one aimed at LDS Scouters and one for non-LDS Scouters.

I highly recommend getting a copy of either the book or the CD Trails to Testimony and sharing it with as many people as you can, Scouters and parents of Scouts. The main topic is the Boy Scout program, how it works and how it should look incorporated into the Young Men program. Harris explains the patrol method well, and he gives a good picture of exactly how Scouting helps build men. He gives several examples of how Scout activities can become the "lab" for what Young Men learn on Sunday. He touches lightly on Cub Scouting, focusing mostly on how Cub Scouting should be a family-centered program, a way for parents to spend more time with and grow closer to their boys. It not only paints a picture of the optimal Scouting experience, it should get the people involved in your Pack or Troop more enthusiastic about the program. I told my recent training class that it is the next best thing to Woodbadge for generating enthusiasm as well as understanding.

Trails to Testimony is available at book sellers like Seagull Book & Tape and Deseret Book. It was even being sold by the Trading Post at our last University of Scouting.

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Anonymous said...

Bishop Harris was my Bishop before he moved back to Utah. His book is one of the best. I also recommend Working the Patrol Method – A Scout Leader’s Guide to Youth Leadership Training by Faris, Knight, Wimbrough and Durel. It is a great way to truly understand the importance of letting the boy lead.