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Friday, August 12, 2011

Church Website Update

The Scouting section on the Church website has been updated. There is an updated version of the Scouting Handbook that has more information and clarification on some things. There are also some new pdf graphics about the importance of training and Scouting as a Church program. They couldn't have made things more clear and to the point. Go check it out!


Eric the Half-bee said...

Reading through the new "Green Book," it looks like there's been some discussion about traditions which are not correct. Everything I've been saying to local leaders is now "validated" on the official web site!

Evenspor said...

Indeed. I compared the new and old handbooks this afternoon, side by side, and there are a lot more changes than I thought - mostly rewording, rearranging, clarifying, that kind of things; not actual policy changes - but most of it will not be surprising to those familiar with the LDS-BSA's book. Hopefully this will quell a lot of arguments and make Church policy much more clear.

I also noticed there is a much heavier emphasis on training, and the 11-year-old scout section is considerably longer. I hope this helps you out. Personally I felt validated to see the wording that all Scouting committees should include a member of the bishopric.