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Saturday, December 3, 2011

You may be losing comments

This is just a heads up to fellow bloggers. If you have a blogger blog and are using the type of comment box that opens at the end of the post (as opposed to opening in a new window or going to a new page) then some people may have trouble or not be able to post comments on your blog, especially if you don't allow the name/anonymous option.

To change it, go to your dashboard (blogger.com) and select "settings." Choose the "comments" link under the settings tab (not to be confused with the comments tab next to the settings tab). The third item on the list should be, "Comment Form Placement."

I know many bloggers love getting comments, so I thought you should know that you might be missing out on some just because of your comment box style. I seldom comment on those blogs, because I have to change browsers to do it, and I am sure there are others who are doing the same.

I also wanted to mention again that if you have or know of a blog about Scouting in the Church, please let me know so that I can add it to the sidebar. My little list is growing slowly. There's some great blogs out there. Check them out, if you haven't already.


Brian Reyman said...

Thanks for the heads-up.

Per the request for other blogs - I just started a scouting blog, which will have LDS-specific posts, along with other general scouting thoughts, gear reviews, etc. (I'm a Scoutmaster in an LDS troop)

You can find it at http://coloradoscouter.com/.


Sean said...

Hey! I am a returning 11 year old leader...but I was only an assistant last time...so I didn't actually plan the year, etc., and wondered how the heck this is done, especially with boys coming in on birthdays year round. The annual calendar is a HUGE help thank you, as well as other materials on this blog. Thanks for taking the time to share!