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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Newsletter

If you haven't already seen it, check out the February LDS-BSA Newsletter. The message from the Young Men Presidency is about how Duty to God fits in with Scouting:

If we make a change in our focus, one can see how Duty to God and Scouting fit perfectly together and go hand in hand in building young men with character. When we focus on what young men learn by what they do and who they become by what they do, we find that Duty to God and Scouting come together seamlessly. Scouting and Duty to God form a strong partnership in the "becoming process."

I don't have any experience with Duty to God yet, but I know that since I really started looking at Cub Scouts as a means of preparing boys for the priesthood and for missions, it has become much easier to see how it fits together with Faith in God. I think this comes back to teaching with a purpose and fun with a purpose. I'd love to hear the thoughts of some of you Boy Scout and Aaronic Priesthood leaders on the article.

Speaking of what boys become, the newsletter also highlights one of the new printable graphics available on the Church website's Scouting section: From Cub Scout to Missionary. I love this one. What a great reminder for us all - from Scout leaders to parents to Primary presidents - of what it's all about.

The message from the General Primary Presidency includes a cute story about a 76-year-old grandma called to be a den leader. Her commitment to her boys is an example for her whole family. The scripture quoted at the end of the article perfectly describes Cub Scouts: "be not weary in well doing, for you are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great." (D&C 64:33)

The newsletter also includes articles on Philmont, the World Jamboree and an LDS Aaronic Priesthood Encampment in Georgia, as well as a highlight on the Guide to Safe Scouting. You can read current and past newsletters here.

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