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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Young Adults, Not Teenagers

One of my favorite LDS Bloggers, Chocolate on My Cranium, wrote a post recently called Enjoying Young Adults in the House, Rather than "Teenagers." She talked about how they take an old fashioned view of the ages we think of as teenagers. She and her husband treat them like young adults (as in, adults who are younger), and as a result, they act like young adults.

They are a family of mostly girls, but it makes sense that the same principle would apply to boys. In fact, she links to a similar post on another blog by a family with boys. This second post focuses largely on teaching boys skills and giving them real work.

Scouting does that! Actually, the second post mentions Scouting and how it s a good way for young men to learn these skills.

Another favorite blog, Adventures and Accidents, often talks about expectations often held, or that should be held, of young men and scouts. Most recently, he wrote about: A boy doing a man's job.

Actually, this seems to be a common theme with other Boy Scouters I know (like this guy and this guy).

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