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Monday, October 29, 2012

"You shouldn't even think..."

We have a copy of the "Trails to Testimony" CD for the sole purpose of loaning out to anyone in our ward or the other wards we help, that we can get to listen to it. Recently we got a new bishopric in our ward. We were talking to one of the counsilors one day, and he expressed a desire to know more about Scouting. He was never in scouts himself, so his knowledge of the program was limited to watching his two sons go through it. We told him as soon as our CD was available, he could be the next to have it.

He drives a lot for his job, so once he had the CD, it didn't take him long to listen to the to hour-long talk. Then he got a copy for himself.

He returned ours to me at church yesterday, and I could see the excitement in his eyes. He talked about how the CD would change perspectives and programs would be so much different if everyone would listen to this talk. He said, "You shouldn't even think the word Scouting - you or your kids - without listening to this first."

As LaVar Burton would say, you don't have to take my word for it. Here's another testimonial about Trails to Testimony and why you should get a copy or two to spread around your own ward.


Eric the Half-bee said...

I lent my hardcopy to my TQ Adviser/Varsity Coach (also my HT) who had been asking me how to reinvigorate the program. He returned it to me yesterday with nothing but praise and enthusiasm for getting busy.

Finally, someone else has read the book and seen the power inherent to the program!!!

Fishgutts said...

Give them to your Bishopric and Stake Presidency for Christmas. I sent two out last Christmas to a mission buddy and a guy I went to HS with. They were already great scouters but they passed their books along. We need to flood this book into the hands of Scouters.

Evenspor said...

We loaned copies of the cd last week to bishoprc members from the other three wards in our "quad-pack" and told them we'd like this to be our leader gifts for Blue & Gold; please listen to it and decide whether you'd support us in that.

We'll see what happens.