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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ward Campout

This weekend was our ward campout, during which I ended up in conversations with more than one family about the future of Scouting in the Church. It is difficult not to speculate about what might happen, but it was interesting to hear different thoughts, and I found a common thread running through every conversation. In the end, no matter what our Church leaders announce, we can be assured it is the best answer to the situation. What a blessing it is to have living prophets who can tell us exactly what the Lord wants for us. What a blessing, also, that we have the opportunity to pray about it for ourselves as well and receive our own witness. No matter what happens, we will always have that.


Aaron said...

I agree. I too have faith that whatever the prophet and "brethen" decide is the way for us to go. I fear, however that it will be a difficult change for us church members that have grown up with scouting and have many emotional ties to the organization and "scouting" experience.

Evenspor said...

I know what you mean.