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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Until we meet again...

I debated whether to post this, because it is not inspirational or instructional. It is about Scouter camaraderie, though, and it's what's on my mind.

Yesterday there was going to be a Cub Scout Pow Wow in our district. It was to be the first ever in our area. Pow Wows are usually held on the other side of the state where the Council Headquarters are.

It was only going to be a smallish Pow Wow. After a big push, we managed to get 30 people signed up. (About a third of those were from our Quad Pack - yay us). I was excited we were going to get so many trained. I was excited about the class I was teaching. I was excited to be spending the day with my Scouting friends.

They had a good reason to cancel, though. One of the people running the Pow Wow - one of our district training chairs - died unexpectedly Wednesday night. They were going to proceed anyway, but the funeral was scheduled for Saturday, and since most of the training staff was going to be at the funeral, that wouldn't work.

We, unfortunately, weren't able to make it to the funeral due to sickness. It was held in the same building that the Pow Wow would have been in, because that was her ward house. I imagine she was the one who had arranged for the Pow Wow to be there. I heard all her Scouting friends were going in uniform (they asked the Stake President if it would be okay).

I first met Marilyn last year when she was in charge of a district training day we helped with. I liked her right away. She was the first person, besides my husband, that I told my idea about this blog. Then when I got it up and going I sent it to her before anyone else. I had to turn her down recently when she asked me to help with another district training. Then she was the one who gave me my assignment for Pow Wow.

Goodbye, Marilyn. We will get everyone trained another way. We will have another chance to try Pow Wow next year. And I am sure we will have you in our hearts as we do.

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