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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Great Resource for Cub Scouters

"We'd like you to be the den leader for the Wolves and Bears. We can't get you two-deep leadership, but you can just meet in the same room as the Webelos. Sis. Smith will be over them, and they meet at the same time."

If you have ever had this conversation, you will probably be as excited as I was when I found this website:


Even if you haven't had that conversation, you should check it out. They have many great resources for LDS Cub Scouters, but I think the real goldmine is their "LDS Delivery Method." They have set up an entire year of den plans based on the above scenario, which can be typical in wards with small programs. They have taken all the overlaps from the different levels and set things up so that, if you want to, all three dens can start out the den meeting together, then the Webelos can break off and do their own thing in a different part of the room, and Bears and Wolves can continue to work together. They have also more evenly distributed achievements and electives throughout the year, so that no matter when a boy's birthday is, he will begin working on achievements right away. They even show how to work in Faith in God and the Articles of Faith. I wish I had had this when I was a den leader.

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